It was about to be the scariest moment of mom-to-be Dy’Shanye Brown-Campbell, until police arrived just in time.

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On Saturday, July 24th, Dy'Shanye had gone into labor, and the process was reportedly moving along so quickly that she and her husband Imani Brown-Campbell didn't think they would make it to the hospital to deliver their first child, according to So, they called for help.

Two police officers from Evesham Twp. hurried to the Brown-Campbell's Burlington County home, and with barely anytime to spare, got Dy'Shanye through the delivery of her daughter, Ar’manin.

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Talk about perfect timing! Can you imagine? Not only did Dy'Shanye have to endure the jitters of experiencing baby labor for the first time, but she had to do it in her house with first responders getting there just in the nick of time!

But, judging from the photo of Dy'Shayne, Imani, baby Ar'manin, and Evesham PD's Matthew Addezio and Anthony Padulese (the officers who helped deliver her), everyone appears to be all smile and doing well.

courtesy Evesham Police Department/Facebook
courtesy Evesham Police Department/Facebook

Kudos to these two policemen for springing into action. Well done! And congratulations to the new parents! Enjoy your baby girl.

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