Have you jumped on board with the latest Facebook trend of sharing your high school yearbook photo? The Better Business Bureau is warning that doing so could be a mistake.

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We know, your only posting your old high school yearbook pic to support the poor class of 2020 who won't get a proper graduation ceremony because of the COVID-19 nightmare.

How your old yearbook picture would be of any help to those kids is not exactly clear, but, hey, everybody's doing it, and you sure did look pretty cute back in the day, right?

A report from the Better Business Bureau says that scammers can social engineer sensitive information from the posts to hack into your online accounts — including your banking information.

Hackers can search for posts using the included hashtag, #ClassOf2020, to determine a user’s high school and graduating year,  as well as other public information listed on a user’s profile.

This information can then be used to answer online security questions or guess passwords to breach a target’s online accounts.

“BBB cautions everyone to be aware of what they are sharing. Even if you think it’s just going to your friends, it could also be going somewhere else."

“Resist the temptation to play along. While it’s fun to see other’s posts, if you are uncomfortable participating, it is best to not do it.”

Judging from the number of old yearbook photos I've seen in the past week, this tip is a little late for many people.


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