The roughest part of the summer is upon us, friends. We're in the dog days of the season. We only have a few short days left of prime summertime here at the South Jersey and Jersey Shore beaches.

Pretty soon, the kids will be off to school and the stress of the upcoming school year and holidays will begin to sink in for all of us. Luckily though, we locals do still have something to look forward to before summer really sets sail: local summer.

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Local summer is the time of year when all the tourists head back home and the people that live within close proximity to the beaches year-round get to enjoy some beach fun without all the crowds. Local restaurants and bars usually remain open for another month or so after Labor Day, so for people who live nearby the shore towns full-time, they're getting pretty excited.

EVERYBODY, shoobie or local, should be excited for this weekend at the beach, though. Multiple sources have reported that the increase in water temperature that everyone's been waiting for over the past few weeks has FINALLY happened! In case you weren't aware, the ocean temperatures along the Jersey coastline have been unseasonably chilly for the late summer months. The experts said that was due to upwelling, what happens when wind pushes the water that's closer to the ocean's surface away from land.

The tides have apparently turned for Jersey beaches because the water temperatures in Atlantic City almost hit 85 this week! reports that if the accurate temperature reads from the waters this week are confirmed by all the appropriate agencies, then we've broken some records here at the Jersey shore this week.

If the data is true, then this weekend is shaping up to be the absolute best one all summer to take a dip in the ocean.

Everything we know about the record-breaking ocean temperatures in Atlantic City this week can be found HERE.


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