You can't just throw around the phrase 'best cheeseburger'. This is New Jersey the barbecue and summer capital of the world, so those words are never taken likely.

Photo by amirali mirhashemian on Unsplash
Photo by amirali mirhashemian on Unsplash

And no matter who you are, or which burger you choose, there is going to be disagreement, and there is going to be controversy.

We all have our favorites, and that is a good thing. It really is ok if this question has dozens of correct answers.

For the record, Love Food, which is a well-respected food sight made the tough decision on which cheeseburger is New Jersey's best.

And after what had to be some grueling research, they have announced that the best cheeseburger in New Jersey is "The Standard" from Diesel & Duke.

Photo by The BlackRabbit on Unsplash
Photo by The BlackRabbit on Unsplash

I'll be the first to admit that I've never had one. My path does not cross their 5 locations here in the Garden State. they have locations in New Brunswick, Princeton, Jersey City, Montclair, and Caldwell.

But people who have enjoyed this burger absolutely rave about it. So, is it delicious enough the be the best in New Jersey? Even better than the best diner cheeseburgers?  That's quite a mouthful.

Can their cheeseburgers really be better than the cheeseburger at Brick Diner in Brick, Tops Diner in Harrison, or the Americana Diner in Shrewsbury, or 100 other restaurants or diners in the Garden State?

Love Food thinks so, but what about you? Do you agree that "The Standard" is the best cheeseburger in all of New Jersey?

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