It's a new year and a clean plate, pun intended, for going out to eat here in Jersey. Maybe you have made "resolutions" to watch what you eat or to eat less or maybe none of the above. As we go into 2023 Love Food has put together a list of the most talked about restaurants in America going into the new year, including right here in New Jersey.



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According to Love Food, "America has some incredible restaurants. From coast to coast, there are fine-dining spots, tasty burger and barbecue joints, and cafés, shacks and delis that are genius in their simplicity."



So with all these different types of eateries around the nation, what would you suspect might be the type selected as New Jersey's most talked about restaurant? I think the fact that the "diner" was the type shouldn't surprise anyone because we know Jersey diners are the best in the world. People try to imitate the "Jersey Diner", but they always seem to fall short. Personally, I think it's because of the menu. They replicate the decor to look like a "Jersey Diner" but then the menu and food just isn't the same. It's more than burgers. At least that's how I feel.



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Love Food chose the famous Tops Diner in East Newark as the Garden States' most talked-about restaurant. "Named the best diner in America by Time Outthis East Newark spot is undoubtedly something of a legend in New Jersey – and beyond. This isn't really your average diner, however. For a start, there's a full bar that boasts an impressive cocktail list and their food is excellent. In addition to the usual stalwarts of milkshakes, burgers and meatloaf, you can expect delights like English-style fish and chips and Cajun shrimp with chicken jambalaya."

Tops Diner is an institution and as we head into a new year if you are looking for a true "Jersey" icon then definitely make an effort to try out Tops Diner.

By the way, I noticed an Espresso Chip milkshake on their menu that might go well with a Brick City Burger and "well-done" fries, just saying :)


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