Aziza was beautiful.  She was the female giraffe at the Cape May County Zoo.  Sadly, she has passed away.

The Cape May County Zoo said in a statement released today that Aziza 'passed peacefully' of a degenerative heart condition.





Here are some fun facts about Aziza The Giraffe:

  • Aziza was one month shy of 20 years old
  • She a beloved resident of the Cape May County Zoo since 1995
  • She came from the Pittsburgh zoo as a 6 month old calf
  • During her time here Aziza delivered three calves of her own, the latest being ‘Mae’ back in March 2014
  • Aziza arrived at the zoo almost 20 years ago and was one of the first inhabitants of the “Savannah” exhibit

We'll miss you Aziza!


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