If you are a fan of the Giraffes at the Cape May County Zoo and you enjoy great craft beer, well the upcoming Drafts for Giraffes Fundraiser is a great opportunity for you to show your support for both!

The Cape May County Zoo Chapter of the American Association of Zookeepers (AAZK) is partnering with Slack Tide Brewing Company to raise money on Friday, July 28th with the "Drafts for Giraffes" event. From 3 pm to 9 pm, $1 dollar from every pint sold will be donated for the purpose of giraffe conservation at the Cape May County Zoo. There will also be Giraffe paintings on sale from local artists displayed during the event.

First opening its gates in 1978, the Cape May County Zoo is a year-round attraction for people of all ages with free admission, which means Fundraisers like "Drafts for Giraffes" are important for the community to show their support for the Zoo and an opportunity to contribute to the caretaking of the animals. The Cape May County AAZK is a non-profit volunteer organization committed to seeing professional animal care and conservation for the animals at the zoo. Professional Zoo Keepers from the Cape May County Zoo along with volunteers put together events to raise money to enrich the lives of the animals in their care throughout the year.

Slack Tide Brewing Company, now at their new location on Route Nine South, is about four miles north of the Cape May County Zoo. The new brewery location has a spacious tasting room and plenty of outdoor space to accommodate fundraisers like "Drafts for Giraffes". I spoke with Slack Tide Brewing Co-Owner Jason Campbell about the upcoming fundraiser:

"The (Cape May County) AAZK Chapter approached us regarding this event after we hosted a similar event last year for the Penguins. We do have a food truck scheduled for the 'Drafts for Giraffes' Fundraiser and we are more than happy to donate one dollar from the sale of every pint to the CMC AAZK chapter."

For more information about the Cape May County Zoo American Association of Zoo Keepers Chapter, you can visit their website here.  For more information about Slack Tide Brewing Company and learn about their great selection of beers on tap, you can visit the brewery's website here.

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