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  • rISE and shINE!
    The young billionaire herself, Kylie Jenner, can now add singer/songwriter to her resume. Social media went wild over a video of Kylie giving a tour of her office. At the end of the video, she steps into Stormi's playroom to wake her up, singing, "Rise and shine!" The short clip went viral and even had Ms. Jenner herself laughing with everyone (including Miley Cyrus and Ariana Grande). (via PopCrush)
    Episode 3 of Kayla Thomas and Karli K's new podcast, Pettyish, features both girls diving into their wildest nights out and annoying, sloppy friends. They go through the list of people they have blocked on both social media, as well as their phones. Listen to the conversation here.
  • Advice to Improve Your Life
    In life, there are so many unwritten rules that no one ever tells us about. There are so many way that we can improve on how we live, so here are a couple pieces of advice: Delete all of your social media! Spend at least 10-20 minutes a day doing absolutely nothing, alone with your thoughts. Practice good posture all the time. This is so much healthier for you and makes you more confident. Get out of your comfort zone. Don't judge others. Lastly, beware of your credit score—and don't spend what you don't have!
  • Special Delivery
    Walmart has officially launched Walmart InHome, a grocery delivery service that allows customers to have food delivered directly to their refrigerators and pantries. Customers can sign up for a monthly service subscription, which is only $20. The new delivery system comes with a $50 smart lock that ensures the unique code on the lock only works for a short amount of time for safety purposes.
  • Barbie's Dreamy Malibu Airbnb
    Have you ever wanted to live Barbie's life? Now you can! Barbie's Malibu Dreamhouse is now available to rent, but it's just a one-time opportunity. Booking is available at 11 am (PST) October 23. The lucky renter will be able to bring three guests and will have cool amenities such as a chef, personal hair stylist, and fencing classes. Good luck!
  • Cookies With a Sprinkle of Grandpa
    A student in Davis, California has claimed that two weeks ago, she and a co-conspirator gave nine classmates cookies containing her grandfather's ashes. No one really knows if she actually did this, but she did have an urn with her. A letter was sent out to the parents of the other children stating that "there is no health risk to our campus or to any one of our students."
  • Jonah Hill Turns Down Role in The Batman
    Though no one knows what role he could have potentially played, Jonah Hill has turned down the opportunity of being in The Batman movie. Rumor has it that he wanted $10 million. Robert Pattinson, who is playing Batman himself, is only receiving slightly less than $5 million. Seth Rogen was also rumored to be in the movie, but it seems like that's not going to work out either—but remembering The Green Hornet, that may be for the best.
  • Kane Brown Gets Emotional During Speech
    Kane Brown recently lost his drummer, Kenny Dixon, in a car accident. He honored his friend on stage with a heartfelt speech, which you can watch here.
  • Rihanna Graces Us With Her Presence on Instagram
    Now this is how you shut down pregnancy rumor!

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