Featured on posters, billboards, and tons of ads, the enormous staircase near Arthur Fleck’s apartment in Joker have quickly become almost as famous as the movie itself. In the film, Joaquin Phoenix’s title character treks up those steps every day to get to his crummy apartment; later, he celebrates his transformation into the Joker by descending back down them (possibly symbolically, who can really say) while enacting a triumphant dance.

The Joker steps have quickly become the most famous movie stairwell since The Exorcist — which is a real location in Washington D.C. And while Gotham City is a fictional town, the Joker’s steps are very much real as well — and if you want, you can visit them yourself. As you can see, they make for quite an Instagram moment:

If you’re interested in a Joker pilgrimage you’ll need to be near New York City. The steps can be found in the Highbridge neighborhood of the Bronx, just a few blocks north of Yankee Stadium (the closest subway stop is 167 Street Station, where you can catch a B, D, or 4 train). The steps run between Anderson Avenue and the evocatively named Shakespeare Avenue. They’re adjacent to 1611 Shakespeare Ave. So get out there and get selfie-ing, before the locals get so annoyed with all the people wandering around dressed up as clowns that they tear the steps down and put in an apartment building or something.

[H/T Time Out]

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