It's grey seal pup season up and down the Jersey Shore!

You're reminded that if you see a seal on the beach - or in a road or parking lot - don't get too close!

There have been two incidents in the last couple of days of wayward seals getting a little off-track.

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In Brick Township, police were alerted of a seal pup attempting to cross Route 35 between the ocean and the bay. (Apparently, he was trying to cross the road to get to the other side - just like the chicken.) Some drivers pulled over and along with Brick Township Police officers and a Marine Mammal Stranding Center volunteer, they were able to make sure the seal stayed safe until a Stranding Technician arrived on the scene.

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Google Maps

The seal was taken to the Stranding Center where it's being treated.

Meanwhile, in Brigantine, a seal pup was found lying in a tire rut at the 4x4 entrance to the beach on Brigantine's North End. A driver was able to alert other drivers until help arrived from the Stranding Center.

This pup, too, was taken to the center for treatment.

Thanks to volunteers of the Marine Mammal Stranding Center, these seal pups were saved and are being rehabilitated.

The Center runs on donations, and now would be an excellent time for you to consider helping the center. You can find out about adopting a seal here.

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