Look, I am an Avril Lavigne fan.  But her most recent album Avril was not exactly her best work.  Most of the tracks were downright cheesy and beneath her talent.  'Hello Kitty' is a song I particularly cringed at, and now it's controversial music video has gotten Lavigne in a bit of hot water.

The song's official music video hit YouTube on Tuesday, and was taken down faster than you can say 'Sk8tr Boi'.

In the video, Lavigne is featured palling around with four identical and expressionless Asian girls, according to FashionTimes.com.

Lavigne and her gals trot around town, then Avril messes with her guitar and eats sushi.

At one point, Lavigne even sang the line, "Someone chuck a cupcake at me."

I can only imagine that maybe the Asian community deemed the video offensive, and demanded it be taken down.  But the bigger crime is that it's just plain BAD.  And it's hard to get me to hate Hello Kitty.  Lol.  Hmmm, blame Canada?

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