In an effort to boost mid-week getaways in Atlantic City, "Toll-Free Tuesdays" are coming!


The Atlantic City Alliance is sponsoring this promotion, and there is no word on how much money they are spending to 'pick up the tab', which I'm sure is a HUGE tab.   Regardless, it's just another effort to promote the values and deals that can attract visitors to our resort city during the fall.



The toll-free trips on the expressway will be the latest addition to the city’s grab bag of promotional freebies. Among myriad other giveaways, casinos have dangled free hotel rooms, free slot play and free show tickets to attract customers. (Press of Atlantic City)

Obviously, this isn't necessarily a 'business move'.  Nobody will be gaining revenue over free tolls.  This is more of a 'psychological and marketing' tool.  When visitors drive through the Expressway on Tuesdays during October, they will be 'wowed' at the fact that they don't have to pay the toll, which will reflect on the tourist-friendly atmosphere that Atlantic City is trying to accomplish during the Fall season.

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