Well, it’s Christmas Eve, Eve and the enormous pothole is still there.

Last week we wrote about the very creative solution that residents of Richmond Avenue in Chelsea Heights, Atlantic City, New Jersey.

They took matters into their own hands and decided if a barricaded, ugly pothole was going to remain unattended to by the City of Atlantic City they were going to offer their own festive solution.

In the spirit of the holiday season, they stuffed a fully decorated Christmas tree inside the pothole.

As of right now, the Christmas tree remains in place and it’s become a popular and amusing attraction.

The only thing missing is the Santa hat tree topper, which likely blew away at some point along the way.

Heavy rain and winds are currently in the forecast, so it remains to see if the magical tree will make to Christmas Day.

Below, is a photo from yesterday morning, Thursday, December 22, 2022. It’s still there a full 2 weeks later and it’s held up very well although the Santa hat tree topper is now gone.

Harry Hurley, TSM
Harry Hurley, TSM

Here is a link to our coverage from a few weeks ago.

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The “condition of numerous roads are unacceptable and that there has not been an organized approach exhibited by the administration," said Tibbitt.

"We simply can't wait until February of 2024 to repair Atlantic Avenue. We have an obligation to our residents, taxpayers and visitors to provide safe, well maintained streets. It's not acceptable to expect the residents and tourists to have to deal with the dangerous conditions of the roads on Atlantic Avenue. We cannot wait another 18 months to have them repaired," concluded Tibbitt.

Tibbitt also addressed with us that some short term fix must be accomplished as soon as possible, should the long term fix be forced to wait until 2024.

Since our reporting, a section of the 2400 block of Atlantic Avenue has been repaired.

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