Looks like another Wildwood landmark will soon be gone forever. Last week it was reported that Wildwood's oldest bar is going out of business after 84 years.

The Shamrock bar located on Pacific Avenue which first opened in 1937 is now closed permanently and is having a going out of business sale.

Now comes word from the website Wildwood Video Archive, The Harbor Inn, located on 219 East Lincoln Avenue would not be reopening and will be torn down starting today.

The Harbor Inn had been owned by the Boyle family for over 70 years. The Wildwood Fire Department had been set up inside for training inside the establishment.

I've only been to the Harbor Inn a few times. I do remember having a cool beer listening to some cool music a long time ago!

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A new restaurant will be opening soon in Wildwood. The Waterfront Wildwood restaurant will be opening soon at the location of the former Ice House restaurant on Park Blvd in Wildwood. If you're looking for a summer gig they are now hiring hosts and hostesses full and part-time. You can apply in person from 9 AM to 2 PM

sources: wildwoodvideoarchive.com  waterfront wildwood facebook page

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