What's better than a typical prank phone call? A prank phone call with animation! Check out this cartoon version of our morning show host Jeffrey posing as a man who needs his neighbor's help to find 'Sucky', his missing Roomba vacuum. 
'Levi', played by Jeffrey, is pretty frantic when phoning his neighbor Alex (whom he's never met) to explain his worry that his robot vacuum ran away from home.

'Levi' left the back door open, and now 'Sucky' is MIA! Poor Alex is a good sport. He seems to genuinely listen to Levi's concerns, and even offers some advice like trying to tap into the Roomba's GPS or it's 'return to home' feature.

A short time later, Levi claims to have some intel from another neighbor, that Sucky ended up in Alex's backyard! Alex swears that's not possible, but Levi continues to plea for Alex's help in securing the safe return of his best friend.

After yet a third phone call, Levi tells Alex his 'Find My Roomba' app puts Sucky inside Alex's house. And that's when Alex totally loses patience with Levi. How much longer can Jeffrey keep the unsuspecting Alex on the line before he's gotta out himself as a phony phone caller?

Watch Brooke & Jeffrey's Animated Phone Tap, 'I Lost Sucky', below!

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