How excited are you for Andy Grammer being in YOUR living room!?!?  I am for a bunch of reasons...

I've always felt a special connection to Andy Grammer. Maybe it is because we have the same birthday, December 3rd, or because Andy lost his mom to cancer just like I did.  As a matter of fact, his huge hit, "Keep Your Head Up" was inspired by his mom's courage during her battle with breast cancer.

I interviewed him back when I lived in Minneapolis and he was so positive and friendly...he ended up hanging out with us afterwards like we've known each other for years!

Photo credit: Shannon Holly
Photo credit: Shannon Holly

Some people just have a way of making everyone else around them feel special and he's that guy!  Now, Andy can hang out with YOU fact, he may just be in your living room...through your computer that is!

Andy will be hosting a virtual ugly sweater party and he'll be performing live!  Zoom is for more than dry work we can all party with Andy from the comfort of our own couches!  I'm so excited, I hope he does all his hits like "Honey I'm Good", "Keep Your Head Up", "Fresh Eyes" or his latest, "Damn, It Feels Good To Be Me".  His music is always so positive and we need that right now!

Plus don't forget to rock the ugliest Christmas sweater you can find because Andy will be looking for his favorite one and if he picks you, you'll win a $300 Amazon shopping spree courtesy of Hollywood Records!  All the details can be found on our station app.  We love you Andy!

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