Heads-up if you live in portions of Galloway Township and Port Republic -- the Atlantic County Office of Mosquito Control is scheduled to conduct an evening aerial spray on Tuesday.

Officials say it will happen between 5:30 and 8PM, weather permitting, as part of ongoing efforts to reduce the population of adult mosquitoes.

The areas that will be sprayed are as follows:

Galloway Township -- the areas to be treated are bounded by Route 9 and King’s Highway; Rt. 9 east to the E.B. Forsythe Refuge, from Smith-Bowen Rd. to Leeds Point Rd.; Rt. 9 east to the E.B. Forsythe Refuge, from E. Somers Landing Rd. to E. Chanese Lane.

Port Republic -- the areas to be treated are between Clark’s Landing Road and Chestnut Neck.

Mosquito spray area - Photo: Atlantic County

Aerial spraying will be done using Duet HD, the trade name for Prallethrin and Synergized Sumithrin, applied as an ultra-low volume aerosol.

Officials with Atlantic County say the EPA does not require taking any special precautions during the spraying, but you may wish to stay inside, keep your windows shut, keep children's toys inside, and keep pets and pet dishes inside as well.

For health information about pesticides to be applied call the Office of Mosquito Control at (609) 645-5948.

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