The weekend is approaching, and the weather should be decent- especially Saturday.  Here are some ideas of things to do to get out of the house.

Cape May has phenomenal dolphin and whale-watching opportunities this time of year.  How many times have you sat on the beach looking out at the water, and suddenly a couple of big fins start protruding from the ocean?  They have such a smooth, arching motion as they seem to have a planned route.  They look close enough to see, but never close enough.

Cape May Tours will take you and a group out on a boat for a 2-hour tour where you'll get a chance to explore pods of these magnificent creatures.  You'll be close enough to see the beauty, but in the safety of a boat.  Maybe, you'll even be lucky enough to see a whale!  Bring your camera and get ready for an adventure you'll be talking about for a while.  This is a great time out for kids, or just a romantic date. Prices vary depending on age and include free parking, breakfast, a professional tour guide, and gratuities.

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If you're working on your holiday gift list and want to find some interesting crafty kinds of things, head over to Smithville Village.  This Saturday and next, Fred and Ethel's Lantern Light Tavern will be hosting breakfast with Santa.  Reservations are required.  Each weekend between 5 and 8, weather permitting, you can take part in S’mores on the Greene.  If you've never been to Smithville Village during the holiday season, it's like walking into a Hallmark Christmas movie.  Lots going on for everyone.

If you just want to stay in bed this weekend, I've got something for you too.  If you haven't seen it yet, take time to binge on The Watcher on Netflix.  It's based on a true story about a couple from New York who goes into hock, to buy their dream home in ritzy Northwest Jersey.  From the moment they move in, they're faced with the craziness of an unknown stalker.  While it's based on a true story, there were creative liberties taken to spice things up.  It will keep you guessing until the very end.  It's a thriller that's done very well.  While it's not all that violent, this is a series you probably don't want to share with the kids.

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