I had the privilege of attending Radio City Music Hall in New York City this past Tuesday night with our grand prize winner to see a taping of Adele's upcoming TV special. It was the coolest thing I've ever gotten to be part of, and I can't wait for you to watch a bit of video from her performance.

My show ticket. (Heather DeLuca)
My show ticket. (Heather DeLuca)

To hear that golden voice bellow from the eighth row of Radio City is an experience I will never forget. There was a reason why the likes of Steven Spielberg, Jennifer Lawrence, Matthew McConaughey, and even Donald Trump, were in attendance to watch Adele tape songs for her upcoming NBC TV special. SHE IS EVERYTHING.

Stepping out onto the stage in a custom Jenny Packham beaded gown, Adele, introduced by none other than Jimmy Fallon, had jaws dropping with her first breath as she gifted us with a live version of her record-breaking single 'Hello'. All the hair on my arms stood up and I got goose bumps as she broke into the chorus, several octaves high. When she hits those notes you can feel the blood draining from your body, lol. It's that captivating. She is a song bird in every sense.

Not only is she a gifted singer, the British songstress is funny. She comes across as though she almost can't believe her life. She told us all how nervous she was to perform for us, and how she just wanted to kick off her heels and relax. She apparently had a fabulous manicure which she was bummed to have to ruin so she could play guitar on the fan favorite 'Daydreamer'.

It was amazing to hear songs from her new album 25 before they were released today. Adele reflected on writing with Bruno Mars, and how many laughs were shared over their recording of 'All I Ask'. She also told us how hard a song it is to sing because of its range.

She almost got teary when singing 'Million Years Ago', because although she's still in her 20's, she misses hanging with her friends in the park as teenagers without a care in the world. But she also remarked that becoming a mom to son Angelo is the best thing she's ever done.

We also got to hear 'When We Were Young', the latest single from 25, and the song that will quickly become my favorite, 'Water Under the Bridge'.

Even though the audience was instructed to stay seated because of the filming cameras dollying up and down the aisles, no one could help themselves when it was time for 'Rolling in the Deep'.

To see Adele's return in one of the most beloved theaters on earth, among Academy Award winners and Hollywood elite, seemed like a dream. I couldn't stop smiling from ear to ear, especially when I realized I had better seats than Bradley Cooper, Bette Midler, and John Hamm. Lol.

Our grand prize winner Judy Swankoski of Ocean City agreed the show was more memorable than words could express.

Judith Swankoski/SoJO on Facebook
Judith Swankoski/SoJO on Facebook

Most artists who film a special for TV have to sing the same song over and over in case they botch a note, but not Adele. She sailed through. I can't wait to see it on NBC December 14th at 10 p.m.

Make sure you grab Adele's new album 25, as it will swiftly become an instant classic. You'll have it on replay.

Oh and speaking of 25, its kind of hard to believe that Adele and Taylor Swift are relatively the same age, lol. Just food for thought.


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