Adam Lambert's thrust under a microscope and a kaleidoscope in the video for his latest, "Welcome to The Show," featuring singer-songwriter Laleh.

The clip, the first that Lambert's produced himself, finds the singer staring squarely into a camera in black and white before the lens widens — in a matter of minutes, he smoothly wades through competing technicolor tones.

And the visual is a case of art imitating life, Lambert wrote in a letter to fans published by Wonderland — the song's all about harnessing quirky eccentricities, and rejecting the notion that remaining gray is the safest way to live.

"Sometimes it’s terrifying to face your true, whole self, stripped of any pretense," Lambert wrote. "The good, the bad, the cracks, and the scars. I am no stranger to the feeling of not liking myself. Once I get past my own body image issues, I realize that I sometimes also neglect my own spirit. Living in a world filled with so much hatred sometimes makes cultivating self-love a very difficult task."

Lambert added that he frequently notices how diverse crowds at his shows are — races, ages, creeds and sexual identities all run the gamut. The common bond among his fans is that they're all emotional humans with needs — something they should keep in mind when labels start to feel divisive. He dedicated the video accordingly.

"It’s a thank you to all of you who choose to accept and Love who you are!" he noted. "We hold each other up! I want you to keep celebrating exactly who you are, even if you don’t fit into the worlds ideas of what they think you should be. Take your flaws in stride, nurture your talents, take pride in your queerness, and share all the love you have."

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