"Well the midnight headlights blind you on a rainy night
Steep grade up ahead, slow me down, makin' no time,
But I got to keep rollin'
Those windshield wipers slappin' out a tempo,
Keepin' perfect rhythm with the song on the radio,
But I got to keep rollin'...."

Those are the opening lines of that old Eddie Rabbit hit song, "Drivin' My Life Away."
Let's face it if we're going to be driving all that time we want to drive on nice roads, Some roads, though, in our area kinda suck.
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We asked residents of Atlantic and Cape May Counties about roads that hate: that is, what roads do they hate to drive? We got some great answers. Here's the Top 9 - or, would it be the Bottom 9?
1.  Atlantic City Airport Intersection. Ugh. We're in about the third or fourth life of that intersection. It was a circle, then a "better circle', then a "circle with a line through it." Now, it's a "circle with a line through it, with a tail." (I call the turn-off from the airport to Tilton Road westbound a tail). Johnny Ordille mentioned the intersection as did others. Pro Tip: Avoid the intersection/circle between 4 and 6 pm. And, most other hours too!
2. Goshen Road in Cape May Courthouse. Wow! We had a lot of people name this one. Tim, Joseph, Megan, Emily, and Shannon all mentioned it.
3. Tilton Road in Northfield. Derrick said so, as did Kelly. Sara said, it's always busy, you can never turn where you NEED to turn, there are no shoulders, and no one knows how to use the suicide lane."  (NOTE: I didn't know it was called "the suicide lane!" I'll never forget that.) Stacy says, "Driving on Tilton Road has always been an adventure, and it's gotten worse as time goes on."
I also hate Tilton Road. I wrote an article about it!
4. Bethel Road in Somers Point. It provides access to Shoprite, to Ocean Heights Avenue, and more. Sylvia says, "It's always packed!"
5. English Creek Avenue in Egg Harbor Township. Jeni says, "You never know what speed you will be traveling each time you go down the road."
6. Route 40 in Mays Landing. Frances brought this one to our attention. Well, at least it has nice views going around the water! This intersection, though:
Google Maps
Google Maps

7.  Shore Road in Northfield, Linwood, and Somers Point. Patti mentioned this one - and the time it takes to travel on some days: "When I'm behind some bozo going 22 miles an hour on Shore Road." Yeah, that's tough!

8. Black Horse Pike (Route 40/322) entering Hamilton Township from EHT. Kelly says, "Coming up to the intersection where the movie theater is, with Delilah Road merging in. No one can merge it seems." She's right! (Don't you have the urge to try to block those people trying to pass you and merge in front of you?)

9. The Garden State Parkway. That comes from Lynette. This is especially true in the construction areas through Egg Harbor Township. (Those EHT construction areas on Mill, Zion, and Ocean Heights aren't anything to write home about either! Just sayin'.)

Finally, Bill chimes in with, "Every road in NJ sucks now." He just may be right!

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