Do you remember when Destiny's Child and Jessica Simpson hooked up for a tune? What about Maroon 5 and Lady Antebellum? Check out our list of music collaborations you probably forgot about.

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  • 1

    Maroon 5 with Rihanna 'If I Never See Your Face'

    In 2008, Maroon 5's second studio album It Won't Be Soon Before Long was re-released with a new version of it's lead off track. Rihanna breathed new life into the single, a song the band regularly kicked off tour sets with.

  • 2

    Jessica Simpson feat. Destiny's Child 'The Woman In Me'

    Jessica Simpson's 1999 debut album Sweet Kisses was no joke for her label Columbia Records. She was signed to take over the diva reigns following the departure of Mariah Carey. Label head Tommy Mottola enlisted some high profile songwriters and producers, and a still up-and-coming Destiny's Child for this female anthem. Sadly, it was never released as a single.

  • 3

    Britney Spears feat. Justin Timberlake 'What It's Like to Be Me'

    The famous ex's were at the height of their TRL fame when Justin penned and produced 'What It's Like to Be Me' for Britney's third album in 2001. They would break up before the end of the album's promotional cycle.

  • 4

    Ricky Martin w/Christina Aguilera 'Nobody Wants to Be Lonely'

    1999 saw the Latin surge in music as artists like Enrique Iglesias and Marc Anthony crossed onto the pop scene. Ricky Martin was right there with them, and in 2001 he helped Christina tap into her own Latin roots with this dreamy duet.

  • 5

    New Kids On The Block and Backstreet Boys 'Don't Turn Out The Lights'

    In 2011 the two boy bands merged forces, driving fans crazy with an entire collab album called NKTOBSB. This is a slice of pop perfection that perfectly fits all 9 members (Kevin Richardson was out of Backstreet at the time).

  • 6

    Maroon 5 and Lady Antebellum 'Out of Goodbyes'

    This duet was the final track on Maroon 5's third album Hands All Over (2010), which was produced entirely by Mutt Lange, the man behind Def Leppard, AC/DC, and ex-wife Shania Twain. A bit of Mutt's pension for country comes through on this one.

  • 7

    Beyonce and Shakira 'Beautiful Liar'

    Released in February of 2007, at the time when B and Shakira were two of the biggest female forces in the industry, they partnered up for a dance track that left no one questioning that their 'Hips Don't Lie'. It would got to #3 on the Billboard Hot 100. In the video, they look so alike they're almost interchangeable.

  • 8

    Mariah Carey feat. Joe and 98 Degrees 'Thank God I Found You'

    Call Mariah Carey a lot of things, but she's no dummy. She knew that once she paired with Boyz II Men and set a record for the most weeks at #1 with 'One Sweet Day', you could get a lot of mileage enlisting a popular boy band. This track, the second single from 1999's Rainbow album, also brought in the big R&B vocals of Joe.

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