We all know someone who is constantly complaining about how cold they are. They refuse to turn the air on in the summer and bundle up like Randy in A Christmas Story in the winter. If you can't think of a friend or family member who is like that, you are probably that person.

We have the 8 best cozy gifts to get that person, or yourself, this year.

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  • 1

    Oversized Sherpa Blanket Sweatshirt

    Move over Snuggies, this oversized Sherpa hoodie looks like the most cozy thing in the world. This is one of those gifts you buy for someone and then you buy one for yourself as well.

  • 2

    USB Hand Warmer Mouse Pad

    If you work in an office, you understand the daily struggle of either being too hot or too cold. Offices are never a comfortable temperature. This cute cat hand warmer mouse pad could be the answer to cold hands in the office.

  • 3

    Electric Foot Warmer

    Cold feet are the absolute worst. Sometimes blankets, socks, and slippers are just not enough. This electric foot warmer succeeds where conventional methods fail.

  • 4

    Electric Sherpa Blanket

    The amount of electronic devises that have been created all in the name of being cozy and warm is amazing. This electric blanket has rave reviews on Amazon, with reviews stating that it works like it's brand new even after owning it for a long time and heats up quickly.

  • 5

    Wearable Sleeping Bag

    Is this absurd looking? Oh absolutely, but can you imagine how comfortable this would be??? The best part about this is that it has pockets!! Yes you read that correct, a wearable sleeping bag with pockets.

  • 6

    Bluetooth Headphone Earmuffs

    These high tech earmuffs will keep your ears toasty while you listen to your favorite radio station on the app.

  • 7

    Electric Car Blanket

    Getting into a cold car is the worst. Sometimes seat warmers and a remote starts aren't enough. Enter in the electric car blanket, clearly a necessity every winter.

  • 8

    Heated Toilet Seat

    Imagine the look on their face when they open up the gift from you and it's a toilet seat. That will be a priceless moment. Once they realize that it's heated, I guarantee you they will be appreciative.

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