Valentine's Day is fast approaching. Are you thinking about popping the question?

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Luckily, there's no better region to proclaim your love than South Jersey. If you're looking for romance, South Jersey's scenic backdrop has you covered. In fact, there are seven specific places where you're sure to get that "yes" that you're hoping for.

  • 1

    Cape May Lighthouse

    If you're looking for a beautiful spot to pop the question with some historical content, the Cape May Lighthouse is the perfect spot to tell your potential fiancé that she's the "light of your life".

  • 2

    Sunset Beach

    Not too far from the lighthouse is Sunset Beach. There won't be too many people on the beach this time of year, so there's a good chance you could have that area all to yourself.

  • 3

    Lake Lenape in Mays Landing

    Another gorgeous spot in South Jersey not at the beach, but still on the water, is Lake Lenape in the heart of Mays Landing. There are a lot of look-out points and observation decks for you to choose from, plus the quaint lighthouse adds a charming touch to the whole proposal experience.

  • 4

    Wharton State Forest

  • 5

    Brigantine's Lookout Tower

    At the northern most tip of Brigantine, you'll find Brigantine's Nature State area. It's an area of state-protected land. On it sits a lookout tower. When you ascend to the top floor of the tower, the view of Brigantine Beach is absolutely gorgeous, particularly at sunset. So, propose at sunset then head next door to Atlantic City to celebrate! Brilliant.

  • 6

    Adventure Aquarium

    If you head to the western region of South Jersey, proposing at the aquarium on the Camden Waterfront knocks out two birds with one stone. 1.) The picture taken of you two along the waterfront would be absolutely beautiful. 2.) The aquarium is such a fun date idea!

  • 7

    Red Bank Battlefield

    History? Check. A water backdrop? Check. View of an amazing skyline? Check. The Red Bank Battlefield in National Park (Gloucester County) has a beautiful landscape for you to capture some amazing pictures of the special moment.

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