Think about Thanksgiving dinner. Now think about it if you weren't able to put food on the table. That's a reality for many local families. Here are a few places you can save your money this week to donate to our Feed A Family campaign.

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Our goal is to feed as many local families as we can for Thanksgiving. With your donation, no matter how big or small, we can put together a meal with all the trimmings to give to a family in the area in need of assistance. It feels so good to hand a bag of Thanksgiving groceries to a family who wouldn't be able to afford it otherwise. All the donations stay here in South Jersey. They'll be passed on to our partners at Atlantic City Rescue Mission to purchase the food we need to build the meals.

Thanksgiving is a time to give thanks, but also to give back. Maybe you can pull resources away from this list of conveniences.

We thank you so much in advance for your generosity.



  • ITStock Free
    ITStock Free

    Your Morning Latte

    That should free up nearly $5.00 right? Holiday flavors will still be there next week. ;-)

  • bhofack2/ThinkStock

    Pack A Lunch

    Put together some leftovers or go the old PB & J route instead of ordering out.

  • Blaz Kure/thinkstock
    Blaz Kure/thinkstock

    Do You Own Nails

    A standard manicure runs about $20 these days. Even a polish change is like, $12-$15. Paint your tips at home and that dough could go towards giving a local family Thanksgiving dinner.

  • Thinkstock

    Take the Long Way

    If you're traveling, maybe skip the toll roads and take the local roads.

  • Wavebreakmedia Ltd
    Wavebreakmedia Ltd

    Netflix and Chill

    You know what we mean, lol. Instead of dinner and a movie, you could do 'date night' in!

  • ipopba/ThinkStock

    Your Green Drink

    Those smoothie drinks you pick up from your local health food store can add up! Maybe grab a bowl of cereal at home for one morning and put the savings towards Feed A Family.

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