When you get right down to it, New Jersey is pretty cool. With summer closing in, here are half a dozen reasons why our Garden State is so great.

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    Our diners are legendary.

    No one does delicious, affordable comfort food like NJ.

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    Farm stands. And...blueberries, duh.

    Up and down roads like Route 206, and the White and Black Horse Pikes sit several of the Garden State's best produce stands, offering the best of Jersey Fresh, home-grown fruits and veggies, like our signature blueberries and peaches.

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    We're so close to the big city.

    Be it Philadelphia or Manhattan, NJ is no more than a few hours drive to the big city. Our proximity is pretty much perfection.

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    Breathtaking beaches.

    From Cape May to Seaside and everywhere in between, our miles of beaches are like no other. There's a reason why there was a whole TV show about the Jersey Shore (and it's more than just GTL).

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    Miles of wood and oceanfront scenery make NJ's boards much more than amusements and snacks. There's nothing like watching a sunrise or sunset while strolling them.

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    We don't have to pump our own gas!

    We'll say it again, WE DON'T HAVE TO PUMP OUR OWN GAS!