Big Boys, Ponderosa, Zaberer's, Ground Round. Aw, man, they bring back memories! You recently reflected on what South Jersey restaurants you totally miss from your childhood.

Ground Round was my JAM. My brother and I and so many of our friends had birthdays parties there in the 80s. It felt like we were there once a week, lol. The free popcorn, the playing of old black and white Mickey and Felix cartoons, the loaded potato skins...Ground Round checked all the boxes.

Red Cow Entertainment/YouTube; (inset) joshstoremuseumdiscontinue7762/YouTube
Red Cow Entertainment/YouTube; (inset) joshstoremuseumdiscontinue7762/YouTube

And I miss a place in Pennsauken, too, called Farrell's with its classic sundaes and decor.

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There were just some restaurants back in the day that there's nothing like now. But all good things must come to an end.


Keep reading to see what other restaurants you miss that used to be part of your childhood in South Jersey. We're sure you'll be saying, 'Oh my GOSH, I remember that place!' at least a few times.

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