The end is near. Spring officially arrives on Wednesday. Here are a few things we've got on our mind.

No doubt, there are many things we're looking forward to. We've already pushed the clocks ahead, giving us more daylight. It's a sign of good things to come.

  • 1

    Will it snow again?

    By all accounts, it was a mild winter. We can hope for the best, but you never know for sure if we're in the clear.

  • 2

    What flavor of Rita's Water Ice should be get?

    It's one of the days we look most forward to. The first day of Spring brings a free serving of Rita's Water Ice. We're still pondering how we want to treat our taste buds.

  • 3

    When can we plan our first beach day?

    When spring arrives, we're eyeing the forecast a little more closely to see when we've got a chance to dust off the beach chairs.

  • 4

    Can they fill the potholes now?

    Like, for real. Otherwise, I need to buy a helmet just to drive my car.

  • 5

    When do we have to start shaving our legs?

    We'll circle this date on the calendar. It might take a while.

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