Planning to toast with traditional bubbly tonight?  Well, you can make midnight even more magical and any celebration creative with these twists on the classic glass of Champagne.

I prefer Moet and Chandon French Champagne or an Italian Prosecco for New Year's Eve toasts.  I find both pair well with each of these recipes, taste amazing on it's own, plus they're great for sipping.

  • 1

    The Blondie

    Pop a dash of vanilla liqueur into the bottom of your glass, then fill 3 quarters of the way with Champagne.  Next, add a splash of pineapple juice until the glass is full.

  • 2

    Chiare Royale

    First, dampen and dip the rim of the Champagne glass into a ring of colored sugar.  Next, pour a small amount of grenadine into the bottom of your glass. Then add a splash of Chambord, and fill with Champagne.

  • 3

    Midnight Mimosa

    First, add a small amount of orange-flavored liqueur to the glass (like Cointreau or Gran Marnier), then add 3-parts Champagne to 1-part orange juice.  Finish with a strawberry garnish.

  • 4

    Bubbly Bellini

    Muddle some diced canned peaches.  Spoon a half teaspoon into the bottom of a Champagne glass.  Fill halfway with peach schnapps, and then Champagne.  Garnish with a slice of fresh peach.

  • 5

    The Festive Flirt

    Dampen and dip the rim of the glass into whole grain sugar in the raw.  Splash a small bit of clear black licorice liqueur into the bottom of the glass.  Add 1-part watermelon pucker to 3-parts Champagne.  Make a small cut into a black licorice jelly bean and clip to the rim.

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