We have entered the gift giving season, as we frantically try to check everyone off our list. You could go for the gift cards or the gloves and scarf sets. Those are all fine and dandy, but why not make a big impression this holiday season. People from New Jersey are known for the pride they have for their state. Here in South Jersey, that pride is targeted to South Jersey only.

These 5 gifts from Etsy are perfect for that person in your life that truly loves being from South Jersey.

  • What The Shell Arts via Etsy.com
    What The Shell Arts via Etsy.com

    South Jersey Shell Postcards

    These beautiful hand painted shells are perfect for those who hold a Jersey Shore town in a special place in their heart. What The Shell Arts also have other South Jersey shell themed gifts as well. Find these postcard shells here.

  • McLaughlin Creations via Etsy.com
    McLaughlin Creations via Etsy.com

    South Jersey Necklace

    If their heart will always be in South Jersey, whether they still live here or not this necklace is perfect. The necklace is sterling silver and can be bought with or without a chain. Check out the necklace here.

  • Mt Lebanon Soap Company via Etsy.com
    Mt Lebanon Soap Company via Etsy.com

    Pine Barrens Scented Soap

    If you ever wanted to smell like the fresh scent of the pine barrens, this is your chance. According to the product description, "...[I]t's a perfect blend of pine showcasing the Pinelands in southern New Jersey. The scent is fresh, brisk, masculine scent with actual pine needles added. It's a perfect little something for that special man." Find the soap here.

  • Lakebound Shop via Etsy.com
    Lakebound Shop via Etsy.com

    South Jersey Barrel Map

    Another gift for someone who loves the South Jersey Shore, this rustic map is made on the end of a barrel. The Etsy shop also has one for the entire Jersey Shore and an Atlantic City map. Find the maps here.

  • Shop Trenton Makes via Etsy.com
    Shop Trenton Makes via Etsy.com

    Jersey Devil's Lair Candle

    According to the Etsy listing, "Other states have state mottos or state flowers, in New Jersey, we have a state demon...Join us on the hunt for the Jersey Devil with this candle that smells like pine trees and holly." The candle is made in our state's capital. Get the Jersey Devil candle here.

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