If you're not careful, it's easy to get lost in a beer fest. Here are 5 apps you'll need to survive any beer fest this summer.

I am not sure about you, but if there's beer involved I'm prone to either go missing, lose something, or get the beer munchies.

So, if you're just as bad as I am, these are the apps you are going to need! Trust me, this is from personal experience.

It might come in handy at the Sea Isle Beer Fest Saturday, June 4th!

  • 1


    This app was actually referred to me by Mike! Connect with friends and learn more about your favorite beer! Another cool feature is that you're able to find other types of beer to build your beer knowledge!

  • 2

    Friend Finder

    Whether you have an Apple or Android, there is an app to help you find your friends if you accidentally lose your friends! What's a beer fest without having a buddy system?

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    Find Your Phone

    Hey it happens! Maybe you accidentally placed your phone down trying out a beer, and now you can't seem to find your phone! Definitely make sure you have an app of this kind. It will prove itself to be useful later on!

  • 4

    Beer Match

    I notoriously get the munchies whenever I drink beer. This app helps you create the perfect beer and food combination. And, what's a beer fest without food? Might as well make sure you match the right food with the right beer!

  • 5


    This is a brand new app I just came across which can be pretty handy. It helps you track how much you've had to drink. Check out Intellidrink here.

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