This Back to School season, we're exploring sneaker trends. Is New Jersey Yeezy nation?

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Have you ever wondered which sneaker brand is the Garden State's most popular? Well, some folks figured it out.

By analyzing search volumes around the world, a new study conducted by The Sole Supplier has determined the most popular sneaker brand in each U.S. state.

Nike came out on top in most of America, including Pennsylvania, while New Balance only got love in three out of the 50 states.

While Adidas and Vans also earned praise from many states, Yeezy gave those brands a run for their money. 12 U.S. states, among them Delaware, chose Yeezys as their most preferred sneaker brand.

But what about New Jersey? When it comes to buying sneaks, are we most loyal to Kanye West?

courtesy The Sole Supplier
courtesy The Sole Supplier

Nah. Turns out New Jersey laces up Nike sneakers more than any other, reports The Sole Supplier. And the style of Nike NJ buys most often is the Nike Dunk.

As for how Kanye West designed a brand that can rival dominators like Nike and Adidas, The Sole Supplier writes, 'Yeezy has quickly become a firm favourite in the [United] states with the recent addition of the part sneaker, part sandal silhouette Slides listed as the second most searched for sneaker in the US. They sold out on the day they were released after a huge media push'.

courtesy The Sole Supplier
courtesy The Sole Supplier

With Nike remaining the most popular brand of sneaker in all of America, maybe you're wondering what style of sneaker keeps them on top? That would be the Nike Air Force 1.

By the way, my own sneaker collection is made up mostly of Converse, which is only the 6th most popular brand globally, but I can't stop collecting them!

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