12 people from Bucks County, PA. who have tested positive for covid-19 have been traced to a person who spread the virus at recent beach house gatherings at the Jersey Shore.

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According to a post Saturday on the Bucks Co. Government website, The county Health Department reported 33 new coronavirus cases, including 11 that can be traced back to a New Jersey resident “who attended multiple house gatherings at the shore during the past two weeks.”

A twelfth person from Bucks County became infected through exposure to the same New Jersey resident.

The location and number of these shore beach gatherings isn't given, and neither is the town where the New Jersey resident suspected of infecting these people lives.

Dr. David Damsker, director of the Bucks County Health Department said there are likely to be additional infections among family members of the new cases.

The press release quotes Damsker as saying...

“This is exactly why we can’t let our guard down now, even if it feels `safe’ to be at the beach. “One unlucky exposure can lead to a large cascade of cases down the line. We want everyone to enjoy the warmer weather and have fun, but let’s keep in mind that COVID is still circulating in the community at baseline levels.”

By not giving the location of this infection spread and only vague details, a situation such as this casts a pall over the entire Jersey Shore and every shore town. We can only hope Bucks County is more forthcoming with information concerning this spread of the coronavirus at the Jersey Shore.


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