South Jersey reaches from Cape May to Ocean counties. When people move here, they learn new things VERY quickly.  Below is a list of 10 things you'll learn if you're new around here.

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    Jug Handles and Traffic Circles

    We make left hand turns from the right lane here. How is this possible? Jug handles: A small circle that gets you from the right lane to the left turn you want to make. I can think of 3 within 5 traffic lights just on the Black Horse Pike. It doesn't make sense so we follow the signs and complain all while still following the lines of traffic.

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    We Have Highway Entrances and Exits About 30 Feet From Each Other

    Accidents waiting to happen. That's what our highways look like. if you're getting off at your exit, the person getting on is RIGHT behind you. It's dangerous, it causes traffic, and it usually ends with some questionable hand gestures, but it's just the way things are.

  • Top Left: Mitchell Leff, Getty Images Top Right: Bruce Bennett, Getty Images Bottom Left: Hunter Martin, Getty Images Bottom Right: Rich Schultz, Getty Images
    Top Left: Mitchell Leff, Getty Images Top Right: Bruce Bennett, Getty Images Bottom Left: Hunter Martin, Getty Images Bottom Right: Rich Schultz, Getty Images

    We're Just as Passionate About Philly Sports as Philly Themselves

    We bleed green. We're Broadstreet bullies. We love the Philly Phanatic. We trust the process. Philly sports mean everything to us. South Jersey doesn't have their own sports teams, so we rely on the closest place that does to give us championships. You'll always know when a sporting even is going on because NJ-42 is backed up from the Walt Whitman Bridge. Enough of us love sports that we cause traffic jams. We force PATCO to sell out of tickets for the Eagles parade, and people around here fly the flags of their teams proudly. My family may or may not have an Eagles mailbox outside their home... it's just how we are.

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    Justin Sullivan/ Getty Images

    We Are One of the Largest Wine Producing States on the East Coast

    When you google "Wineries in South Jersey" you come up with more than 10 Options. They're all unbelievable, and worth going to. Sit back, relax, and have a glass of wine. Or two. Or buy the bottle, we don't judge. Come visit:

    Sharrott Winery- Hammonton
    Renault Winery- Egg Harbor City
    Hawk Haven Vineyard & Winery- Rio Grande
    Tomasello Winery- Absecon
    Plagido's WInery- Hammonton
    Bellview Winery- Landisville
    Balic Winery- Mays Landing
    Dimattoe Vineyards- Hammonton
    Amalthea Cellars Farm Winery- Atco
    Coda Rossa Winery- Franklinville
    Jessie Creek Winery- Cape May Court House
    William Heritage Winery- Mullica Hill
    White Horse Winery- Hammonton
    Valenzano Family Winery- Shamong
    Wagonhouse Winery- Swedesboro
    Monroeville Vineyard & Winery- Monroeville
    Tomasello Winery & Banquet Hall- Hammonton
    Auburn Road Vineyard & Winery- Pilesgrove
    Turdo Vineyards & Winery
    Cape May Winery- Cape May

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    You Should Get an EZ-Pass

    Pretty much everyone has it now. But in order to get over the bridges, through the AC expressway, or on the Parkway, you're gonna need an EZ-Pass. Unless you carry around cash like that... which then I guess you wouldn't need that. But really, who does anymore?

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    Getty Images for MTV

    Not Everyone Looks Like the People From Jersey Shore

    In case you didn't know, the cast from Jersey Shore wasn't even from New Jersey. They were from Staten Island. No one here walks around fist pumping, GTL-ing, and having a specific room for...extra curricular activities. That's just not how life is in Jersey, and we hope it's not that way anywhere else either.

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    The NJ Devil Is Real and He Lives in the Pine Barrens

    Half-goat, half-human, with a pitch-forked tail and wings. Yes, it is real. And every person who lives here went to check it out when they got their license and didn't have anything else to do on a Saturday night. You can read up on the history here.

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    Google Maps

    With That Being Said, There's Also the Atco Ghost

    Just as real, and just as popular, The Atco ghost is the 2nd best thing people go to Atco for. The first would be the raceway, of course. Apparently, if you drive down the long tree-lined road, you'll see a boy chasing after his basketball. Doesn't sound creepy until you add in that the only way to summon him is to flash your headlights 3 times. Again, teens are the ones who go and seek out this mystery.

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    @wawa Twitter

    Wawa - It's a Staple of Life

    Hoagies, iced tea, coffee, snacks, slurpees. Wawa has it all. Some of them are even gas stations as well. If you've never been to a Wawa, theres probably at least 3 in any given town in South Jersey.

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    Google Maps

    So Many Schools Around = Lots of Alumni Pride

    To name a Few:

    Thomas Jefferson University
    University of Pennsylvania
    Rutgers Camden
    St Josephs
    Holy family
    Chestnut Hill 

    These are just a few of the many colleges and universities in and around South Jersey. And that means there's probably a car in front of you on the road that has one of these names as a sticker on the back. Some might even have more than one. It's usually right above their stick figure family stickers.

    Regardless, people here wear their school on their car, key lanyard, and clothing. They take pride in the school they went to and love to talk about "the good old days of college".

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