Miss May, the ten-foot great white shark, has decided to pay another visit to the waters off the coast of South Jersey.

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I can hear the theme for Jaws (duunnn dunnn, duuuunnnn duun) in my head as I write about the whereabouts of Miss May the 10-foot great white shark who was last seen of the coast of Ocean City in early July 2019.

The Press of Atlantic City reports that the 800-pound great white was detected off the coast of Atlantic City and Ocean City early Tuesday morning.

Miss May was originally tracked off the coast of Florida in 2019 and on Tuesday morning  by Ocearch Shark Tracker. You can follow Miss May's movements, which might be a good idea before you go for a quick swim in the ocean.

Miss May also has her own Twitter page with over 7,000 followers.

Of course, one of the most famous sharks to ping off the Jersey coast was a 16-foot long great white shark named Mary Lee, who was last seen off the coast of Long Beach Island in Summer 2017, according to the website Men's Journal. 

I will keep my eyes open the next time I go for a swim, even though Miss May was spotted well off the coast of Atlantic and Ocean City.

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