Here's some chalk art inspiration for you and the kids to try on the sidewalk, driveway, or on the patio this spring.

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I've really gotten into sidewalk chalk lately. It brings me back to drawing hopscotch in the driveway of my childhood home.

These days, it's a true art form. I'm no Picasso, but I actually think I draw much better with chalk. And, I LOVE that you can draw something as large or small as you want. When social distancing was really at its height, I took to the SoJO 104.9 parking lot to draw a giant rainbow.

I actually find drawing with chalk really relaxing, and I'm sure it bring you and your kids together, too.

10 'Chalk the Walk' Ideas to Try with the Kids:

1. May as well 'scrub' up a reminder to keep up good habits.

2. Never underestimate the power of a punchy and proportional rainbow. We could all use the positive vibes right now.

3. Love the idea of breaking out a little painters tape for a bit of sidewalk stained glass.

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4. Try one of your favorite cartoon characters.

5. Introduce the kids to a powerful poem or quote to share with everyone who walks/drives by.

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6. Conjure up your own fantasy world!

7. How about a quiet thinking spot? This is great to share with family or friends you still haven't seen.

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8. Recreate the Solar System.

9. Stage a photo op and set a scene for yourself.

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10. Put your own twist on a famous work of art.




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Happy chalking, everyone! And, if you draw some sidewalk chalk art tag us in it on social media, we'd LOVE to see it!

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