The Goonies is one of my all-time favorite movies.  I know insanely too much about it, too.  The behind-the-scenes making of the film is almost as entertaining as the 1985 cult classic itself.  On this Throwback Thursday, here are 10 facts about The Goonies you probably never knew.I found some details even I was surprised by thanks to The Chive:

  • IMDB

    The pirate ship was entirely real.

    After filming wrapped, it was reportedly offered to any studio that would take it. No one wanted it, so it was scrapped.

  • 2

    The cast was not allowed to see the pirate ship before the final scene was shot.

    Director Richard Donner filmed the cast's reaction as they saw the ship for the first time. The kids starting cursing, some screamed “Holy sh*t!” The scene had to be re-shot without them cursing.

  • 3

    Jeff Cohen got the chicken pox after he got the role of Chunk.

    He showed up to the set anyway, afraid producers would have replaced him.

  • IMDB

    Sean Astin was allowed to keep the treasure map used in the film.

    But it's in a landfill somewhere. Several years later his mother Patty Duke discovered it, thought it was just a crinkled piece of paper, and threw it in the trash.

  • 5

    Jonathan Ke Quan (Data) had to spell a curse word.

    In the scene when the rocks are falling from the cave ceiling, Jonathan screamed “Holy" but spelled "S-H-*-T!” He said he spelled the expletive because his mother made him promise not to use any bad language in the movie.

  • 6

    One Eyed Willy’s skull is made from real bone.

  • YouTube

    John Matuszak’s make-up for Sloth took 5 hours to complete.

    One of the eyes (which was out of place on the face) was mechanically operated off-screen by remote control. Someone would count down, and Matuszak would blink his other eye to synchronize.

  • 8

    Jeff Cohen has only perforned the 'truffle shuffle' once since The Goonies.

    “The one time I did it was at Berkeley. I was the mic man at the football games, trying to pump them up. I wasn’t certain everyone knew who I was, I got up there to Say “GO BEARS” and this frat guy in the back row started screaming “truffle shuffle.” then the last 3 rows started chanting it. Next thing you know it caught on and 10,000 students were cheering “truffle .. ..shuffle!”

    Jeff is now a Beverly Hills entertainment attorney.

  • 9

    The kids brought their real families to the final scene.

  • 10

    A Goonies sequel is in the works!

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