The Games of the XXX Olympiad have brought the world together, have seen thrilling moments, disappointments, human drama, and many names you will not forget... even if they did not win at the London Games.

I found a post from Landon King who works for a sister radio station in Texas, and he found a website that picked out the funniest names from the Summer Olympics.  I don't know if they were all funny, but some did stand out.

We are not trying to offend anyone with the 10 names you will not soon forget when you see them.  I hope you will take it in the spirit it is intended, and maybe grab a smile as you look at the 10 Best Names from the 2012 Summer Olympic Games:

- Chinese trampolinist Dong Dong (a double Donger man!)

- New Zealand rowing team member Michael Arms (well he was born for this event!)

- Great Britain martial artist Colin Oates (Really?  "I Can't Go For That ..... No Can Do!")

- South Korean pole vaulter Yoo Suk Kim (sadly he did not medal)

- Trinidad & Tobago track runner Sparkle McKnight (sadly no sparkling moment for her in London)

- Great Britain swimmer Liam Tancock (apparently he's considered one of the "hotties" from these Olympics)

- New Zealand cyclist Jack Bauer (isn't he suppose to be saving the world  in 24 hours on FOX?)

- Canadian track runner Gavin Smellie (he was an All-American at Western Kentucky in the 200-Meter Dash in '09, and that does not stink!)

- Japanese volleyball player Yoshie Takeashita (the women's indoor team could still medal, and that's no joke!)

- Great Britain basketball player Pops Mensah-Bonsu (the former South Jersey guy from St. Augustine's Prep averaged 12 points and 7 rebounds for the 1-4 Brit squad, but we should recognize his full name -- Nana Papa Yaw Dwene "Pops" Mensah-Bonsu. Does that fit on a driver's license?)