Sometimes you just need a little nip to make your situation a little better. But when you can't get it there, you have to take your own...



Here is the list of the Top 8 Places People in South Jersey Have Snuck Booze...


1. The Movie Theater

2. Kid's Birthday Party (Chuck E. Cheeses's)

3. A Dry Wedding (who has a dry wedding?)

3. Kid's Sporting Event / Dance Recital

4. Church (Christmas Mass)

5. A Bar. (yep, they were to cheap to pay for the stuff there)

6. High School Graduation (both parents and grads)

7. Hospital Birthing Center (the new dad needed a couple of shots)

8. On a Cruise Ship


Speakin' of drinkin', check this out from Mike Likes Beer! Brew Review of Cape May Brewing's beer that hard to pronounce...



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