The photo of Camden from a distance looks peaceful, but this week the city has not even been close to that as multiple arrests and murders highlight the city that once was the  Most Dangerous City in America.

Reports have come out that there have been four murders in the Camden city area over the last 48 hours.  Kishaun Burks was the latest victin who died late yesterday afternoon from multiple gunshot wounds, raising the total of murders in Camden this year to 23 - that number is about 3 times higher than the national average, and at this rate would exceed Detroit's reported 34 murders last year (Detroit was considered the #3 Most Dangerous City in America last year).  The assailants in all four cases remain currently at large.

Also this week in Camden, a major drug bust saw 41 people arrested (25 of them are believed to be drug dealers).  During the arrests and searches, authorities seized approximately three-quarters of a kilo of heroin; approximately $52,000 in cash; about $20,000 in counterfeit U.S. currency, and a .40-caliber handgun.

New Jersey Attorney General Jeff Chiesa said earlier this week "This was a large section in the city of Camden with homes and families in the area…and not only did we take down a lot of drug dealers, but we have in custody two of the top 10 most violent criminals on Camden’s wanted list, these are dangerous individuals involved in homicides and shootings and we are thankful to have them off our streets”.

Camden has sadly been ranked among the most dangerous cities in America for years, and another week like this could get them back to #1 - a place they do not want to be at.