Food Truck Event Coming To Vineland This August!
Ah, food truck events! The places to go to send your diets flying out the window for a day of culinary bliss. But in the end, it’s totally worth it! So if you’re ready to stuff your faces (it’s okay - we won’t judge you) , then get read…
Bad Parking in Vineland
It's time to publicly shame the bad parkers of South Jersey! Thanks our parking warrior, Linda,  who caught another person in the act! This time it was at Acme in Vineland!
How Did Vineland Get Its Name?
If you haven't noticed, we love digging into the history of our beloved South Jersey towns. In fact, we recently dove into Avalon's history and discovered that the name derives from the legend of King Arthur!
Meanwhile Hammonton was named after the son one of the towns earliest settlers, John Hammond…

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