5 Things You Need to Know about Those Selfie Girls
Perhaps you, like me, stood is harsh judgement of the band of blondes who were caught on camera at a recent baseball game selfie-ing up a storm. These 'selfie girls' seemed more engrossed in posing for photos than in the actual game. And they faced quite a bit of backlash on social me…
Funny Bat Dad Vine Video Collection Goes Viral
There's a new superhero taking over! He's half Batman, half man...he's Bat Dad! This really creative father took to the Vine app to have some fun with his kids. Now the compilation of his videos has gone viral.
The Great, Rambling Mariah Carey [VIDEO]
What's it like to get Mariah Carey to read from a script?  Ask the staff at BET.  Its fumbly, stumbly, and full of random breakouts into song and berating the film crew.  We get just over two minutes of this gem, but Mimi's rambling probably went on for much longer, lol...

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