Train Nearly Flattens Car in Vineland
This train engineer who was moving a CSX engine through Vineland stops his engine just before it smashes into a car! Thank  goodness he stopped in time.
First, a pickup truck almost eats it (I guess the blasting HORN was not loud enough for him)...
Train is Coming to SoJO 104.9!
Not gonna lie. We're all very, very excited that Train wants to come visit SoJO 104.9 in person on June 10th!  Not only is Train one of our most-played artists, they're one of our most beloved.  Pat, Jimmy, and Scott are just about to release new music from their forthcoming 6th …
Horrific Train Crash Caught on Video
Video has surfaced of a deadly train crash in Spain that took the lives of 78 people and injured 131 more on Thursday.  High speed is being blamed for the accident, as evidenced in this newly released footage.

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