John Mayer

Teen Sings Song Inviting John Mayer to Prom [VIDEO]
Look, if I'd have had it my way Bryan Adams would have been on my arm for my senior prom.  But because YouTube wasn't available to me back in 1993 I had to settle for my high school boyfriend as my date.  It's so trendy now to have the courage to ask a celebrity to prom, and…
Katy Perry + John Mayer Reportedly Break Up Again
On, off, on, on, off. Up, down, up down. Katy Perry and John Mayer's romance sure is a roller coaster. Months after reports that an engagement was inevitable and weeks after Perry was seen wearing a rock on that finger, the musical duo is said to have split… again.
John Mayer Coming to South Jersey
After a throat granuloma that sidelined John Mayer forcing him to cancel promotion for his fifth studio album Born and Raised the singer/songwriter is finally cleared for a comeback.  Mayer is set to play two shows in South Jersey this Summer of SoJO!  It's his first major concert tou…

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