10 Clever Ways to Use Girl Scout Cookies
It's Girl Scout cookie season.  And you know, even if you don't have a daughter selling them, you'll eventually give in.  So I thought I'd sahre some inspiration for making use of your indulgence in a variety of different ways, like these Samoas Ice Cream Truffles.
Go-To Summer Snack When You’re Too Tired (and hungry!) TO COOK
You can file this one under 'From The Kitchen Of Heather DeLuca'.  Sometimes after a long day the last thing I want to do is create an entire meal.  Especially during the summer when the heat makes me cringe at the idea of turning on the stove or oven.  So I'm constantly turning to satisfying snacks…
The Perfect Peeler (and Nail Saver!)
I've long despised peeling oranges because doing so dries my cuticles, threatens my manicure, and leaves a white powder on my finger tips.  My new favorite Christmas gift solves all the above in mere seconds.  The Jo!e Citrus Peeler!