Celebrities With South Jersey Roots
New Jersey is home to many famous people, some you may know, others you may not. Just in case you ever make it to any game show and the topic is celebs from NJ, you'll thank me later.
SoJO Celebrity Hot or Not – Matt Damon
Raise your hand if you think Matt Damon is HOT...now raise your hand if you think Matt Damon is NOT hot.
My friend Michelle can't stand to look at him and doesn't think he is attractive at all! She says his face is all scrunched up and he has a sour expression...
7 Celebrity Divorces That Broke Our Hearts in 2014
All good things must come to an end, but even in the world of celebrity marriages these unions looked solid enough to stand the test of time.  They weren't though, and now we take a look back at seven celebrity splits that left us teary eyed...
Celebrity Archive: They Dated?
It's fun to see which celebrities have dated!  From the adorable (Matthew and Janet?) to the strange (Paris and Val?), here are 10 surprising pairs you probably never knew hooked up, but they did!

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