In New Jersey you'll see Speed Limit 65 signs in places the Atlantic City Expressway and the Garden State Parkway to name a few.  Some places have the limit as high as 75 in this country, a couple have 80, and now 85 is about to happen.

Yahoo reports that the Texas Dept. of Transportation has part of a toll road being built between Austin and San Antonio to be tested to see if motorists can safely push it to 85 MPH.  Texas is one of only 2 states that has a speed limit on roads as high as 80 (Utah is the other), and once the 85 experiment begins it will be the second-highest posted speed limit in the world.

Apparently there is a reason for this experiment - the hope is the faster toll road will help relieve one of the country's most congested interstates, between Austin and San Antonio.  Texas DOT spokesman Mark Cross told Yahoo "It's in a straight, flat area - safety is a priority, and we want to make sure people understand that".

There is the belief that the higher the speed limit, the more accidents happen, creating more injuries and deaths.  So how fast is too fast for a speed limit?