It was a journey that begin about 9 months ago!  The crafting of a SoJO 104.9 signature blend of wine.  In just a few months, our varietal will officially be born thanks to The Wine Room of Cherry Hill!






Heather DeLuca getting used to the feel of grapes under her feet.




On April 28, 2012 qualifiers joined SoJO Midday host Heather DeLuca for a wine tasting event at The Wine Room Of Cherry Hill.  Several won the ultimate experience of being part of the wine crafting process including a lesson in crushing and pressing grapes, how wine grapes are grown and cared for, and the chemistry of the fermentation process.

Early this coming spring, we will all return to bottle and label (and hopefully finally take home) the SoJO signature blend, which we all decided will consist of a combination of two varietals.





SoJO Signature Blend Sample

I'm super excited to taste the fruits of our labor.  Just recently I was given a sample of our blend as it continues to mature.  If this small bottle was any indication of what we'll be able to enjoy once the wine is complete, then I'm counting the days!

Visit The Wine Room Of Cherry Hill on Easterbrook Lane!  It’s a haven for wine lovers of all levels!  It’s such a great experience to share with family and friends!  The staff will tell you everything you need to know about wine!


Check back with us soon for an update on how the SoJO signature blend is progressing!