FOX News recently spotlighted a story about John Unger - a man whose love for his aging dog tugs on heartstrings, and has created a bit of a YouTube sensation.

The story here takes place in Wisconsin.  Schoep is Unger's dog - he's 19 and is suffering with arthritis.  The pain is so bad for Schoep that he has trouble sleeping.  Every evening John is taken his beloved friend to Lake Superior and holds him against his chest while the warm water lulls the dog to sleep.

The water of Lake Superior is therapeutic for Schoep, giving his pained joints a much needed rest from the suffering he has.   Unger credits Schoep with saving his life 19 years ago when a relationship failed, and says he will do whatever he has to do to give Schoep relief from the pain.

This story has found its way to YouTube, and there has been over 125,000 views of this story over the last week alone.  This unconditional love should tug at your heartstrings.