The Centers for Disease Control says fungal meningitis has reached South Jersey, the first confirmed case in the Garden State following a nationwide outbreak that has taken the lives of eleven people.





SJRMC in Cumberland County, courtesy of



 reports today that a 70-year old man turned up positive for a non-contagious strain of fungal meningitis after being admitted to South Jersey Regional Medical Center in Vineland, New Jersey.









The CDC says this particular strain was likely caused by a contaminated steroid medication, which had recently been recalled.  The steroid has been used via epidurals meant to relieve joint pain in patients.

So, how can you tell if you're experiencing signs of meningitis if you've recently received these injections?

Chief Operating Officer for SJRMC Elizabeth Sheridan tells

"Our concern is that there may be some joint pain or joint infection. And if that happens to any patient, we would like them to report to the emergency department or their primary care physician. But to date there have been no cases reported."

To contact South Jersey Regional Medical Center in Vineland, please call (856) 641-8000